It’s no secret that our passion is to create a rolling masterpiece from the ground up. But we can also appreciate that this route is not for everyone.

Say you’ve got a daily rider and you’re looking to get some increased performance and better ride ability from. Or perhaps you just picked up your new bike from the dealer and you are ready to put your personal spin on it so it doesn’t look like every other bike that just rolled out of the factory.

This is where GC comes in! We love to help our clients out with customizing their current rides so it’s unique and a one-of-a-kind bike in it’s own rite.

We also offer partial fabrication services to those ‘do it yourself’ guys who enjoy building their own ground up works of art, and may be looking for some help in making it all come together just right.

It’s difficult to price these types of jobs as they can vary and really depend on each client’s own style and preferences. Being a licensed and trained technician, our door rate is $120/HR and I am extremely fair and honest with providing guidance on style and what parts you may or may not need to achieve the look you are going for.

We recommend giving the shop a call or sending us an email so we can personally discuss your individual ideas and wants to help get you started and schedule your ride in for the transformation you have been waiting for!


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