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Ordering a Custom Bike from Gasser Customs

A custom one-of-a-kind build is something we are extremely passionate about here at Gasser Customs. We pride ourselves on creating something truly unique and special, a hand-built machine that is completely tailor made for each of our customer’s own personal style. We understand that the decision to have the custom bike of your dreams built is also an experience, a journey that we take together. It starts out as a vision and becomes a reality, something tangible that you can spend many years riding, enjoying and creating memories on.

One of the main factors that separates Gasser Customs from the pack, is that Gasser is an ASE Master Technician with 16 years of mechanical experience and training. Also holding a Master’s degree in technology he has extensive knowledge in the areas of engine building, frame fabrication, suspension set-up & tuning, metal shaping and welding. Gasser builds bikes from a rider’s perspective with safety and functionality being the number one aspect that cosmetics and appearance then get designed around. Let’s face it at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how pretty your bike is, if it doesn’t perform or ride the way its’ supposed too then all you’ve got is a nice piece of machinery to look at. This being the case all our bikes go through a Gasser “test & tune” period whereby a standard of 200 initial miles gets put on each of our custom builds to ensure everything is working properly and if adjustments are needed they get made.


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How we determine the cost of a Gasser Customs build

Pricing a custom bike is often hard to do because they are often compared to the mass produced production motorcycles. This is not a fair comparison. We are not an assembly line manufacturer and we are not trying to compete with current production motorcycles. We rebuild 40 year old bikes from the ground up and customize it to the new owner. This means that you will get a one of a kind motorcycle built specifically for you. We don’t build thousands of bikes a year, only a handful. So you definitely will not see another one parked next to you at the local pub. We take all the weak points of the original bike and improve them, while taking the strong points and making them even better. In the end you get a comfortable, reliable, all around great motorcycle built exactly the way you want it.

Most of our custom builds have an average of 500-700 man hours in them (“Gasser” being that man) and are all handbuilt. From the engine, wiring, frame mods, and all the custom fabrication it’s all done in house by Gasser. The only thing we don’t do is the paint and powder coating.

There are so many more factors that go into building a bike from scratch and by hand, piece by piece. A custom bike at GC gets built with passion and soul as each and every nut and bolt gets twisted and turned by Gasser to deliver a product that someone has long desired to have.

Factors that also play a role in the cost of your build are things like manufacturer (bmw vs honda), style (cafe racer, brat, tracker or bobber). It’s also important to remember when dealing with vintage bikes you can never predict what the bike or engine will need once its been dissembled. This is also where time comes into play as often times there are parts that have been discontinued on some of these older bikes or need to be sought after or made from scratch. Price factors can also include engine performance upgrades, carburetors, suspension, labor intensive modifications (ie: frame work, metal shaping, custom exhaust, etc.) Brand name vs generic on all your builds accessories, extensive paint work and upholstery choices (real leather, suede, vinyl, etc). We have different “Trim Levels” to help determine which options suit your needs and preferences.





Prices listed below are for some of our most popular build requests, however we can accommodate other makes/models not listed. Please contact us directly to discuss.



  • HONDA CB350/360, CB400F, YAMAHA SR400 –  Starting at $12,500
  • HONDA CB450/CB500T, YAMAHA SR500, ROYAL ENFIELD Continental GT – Starting at $14,000
  • HONDA CB500F/CB550 – Starting at $15,500
  • HONDA CB750, KAWASAKI W650, W800 – Starting at $18,000
  • TRIUMPH Bonneville, Thruxton, 865, Scrambler – Starting at $20,000
  • BMW Airhead 5/6/7 – Starting at $20,000

Build Time and Ordering Process

Custom builds once they begin usually take 12-16 weeks. Wait times do vary so please contact the shop to determine when your build will begin. To secure your spot in line and show us that you’re serious about having us build you a one-of-a-kind GC bike we ask for a deposit of $500. This deposit does get put towards the overall cost of your bike, however if you decide to back out of your spot the deposit will be lost. Upon receiving your deposit you can schedule your initial consultation with Gasser to discuss all aspects of your build, which make & model you would like and direction you would like to go in.

Two weeks prior to commencing your build we require 50% of the estimated build cost. Then midway through the build we require half of the remaining balance. The final 25% due is required upon completion of the bike. This breaks the payment up to make it more manageable for our customers. For example if the estimated cost is $20,000 then the first payment would be $9500 (less the initial $500 deposit) then the second payment would be $5000 and the final payment is the remaining $5000.


We build and send our custom bikes all over the world, fees and taxes vary based on your location and countries individual regulations. We do work with excellent shipping companies, please contact us for a quote based on your location.


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